VAG Westfalia Fixed Towbar : Including 13pin Caravan Spec Electrics

Fully fitted from £599.00



Westfalia Towbars and electrics offer the same features as the factory systems with vehicle specific wiring providing you with all the benefits some of which include all the important features;

• Activation of the vehicles TSP (Trailer Stability Program) helping to correct the ‘snaking’ action of a trailer
• Adapted braking settings providing optimal emergency stopping and enhanced assistance on hill starts
• Continuation of the vehicles light health check monitoring system to provide warning of any bulb failures
• Disabling of the vehicle‘s rear parking sensors to stop unnecessary and distracting ‘beeps’
• Disabling of the vehicle‘s rear fog lights (but not the caravan‘s!) to avoid distracting rear view mirror glare
• Adapted new gear ratio settings for automatic gear boxes to take account of the extra load being towed
• Disabling of the vehicle‘s stop / start economy feature to avoid stalling in unsafe locations.

Other features that may be adapted include reversing cameras, adaptive cruise control, suspension systems and cooling systems.